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The geographical location of Pistoia is particularly suitable for the quick development of outdoor plants: the mountains protect the plants from the cold northern winds and at the same time they are a source of water in abundance. Pistoia is situated in an alluvial plane where the terrain is unique: it is both loose and clayey at the same time, perfectly suitable for the growth of the roots.

EXTRa standard plants
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The climate, the geographical position and the terrain of our tree-nurseries allow us to cultivate various species and varieties of plants that are ready to be transplanted into gardens at the seaside, to flat ground or indeed to mountainous areas. Such characteristics, in short, are some of the reasons for which Pistoia has been the worldwide tree nursery capital for over 150 years.

The tree nurseries

In the 5 production tree nurseries, which are located within different areas of the flatland of the Pistoia area, we apply all the appropriate cultivation techniques that are specific for each species. Some plants are cultivated in the ground, according to the traditional tree nursery techniques; others are cultivated in containers and in Airplant © in order to be ready for purchasing and in order to guarantee strong roots.

Nursery of Masiano
almost 350.000 sqm (35 hectars)
Ponte alla Stella - Serravalle (PT)
vivaio mati - masianovivaio mati - masianovivaio mati - masianovivaio mati - masiano

The plants that are cultivated using the traditional methods, in the earth, are then available during the warmer periods thanks to the protection of the clod with Plant-Plast©, a system that protects the clod of the plant and that stimulates the production of capillary roots, an extra guarantee that we offer to our clients.

Extra standard plants

Extra standard plants
..a few example of our production
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