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The garden is an enchanted place, it is never the same, it is in continuous evolution. It is made up of space, forms and colours. It doesn’t matter if its large or small, our work lies in managing to create a biological balance between the plants, an architectonic balance between the pathways, the vases, the gazebos or the swimming pool and the person who will live with that garden.

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piantemati gardenspiantemati gardenspiantemati gardenspiantemati gardens

In order to cultivate trees, conifers, and outdoor plants in general, it is necessary to have a good knowledge of their needs as regards soil, light, water and food. These are essential factors that are necessary in order to obtain beautiful, healthy and strong plants but it is also important to know where to locate these plants so that they can grow without loosing any of their characteristics. From cultivation to planning there is only a short step and this was the case after the first few years of activity of our company.

Already during the 1930’s we had a design studio which was capable of developing formal and informal plans. Throughout time we followed the trends and tendencies but we also developed a “philosophy” of gardens which has always singled us out and which has rendered each garden that is passionately designed by our company, unique in its genre. From the very beginning of our activity we have always thought it important to give the client all the useful information necessary so that the plants that they purchased would be located in a suitable environment which would allow them, with the appropriate care, to grow and develop rapidly.

Today, this tradition still continues and it has intensified thanks to a constant growth in requests.

Some examples
piantemati gardenspiantemati gardenspiantemati gardenspiantemati gardens

Professional services

In our 6 nurseries (80 acres), we cultivate plants in compliance with the european standards which guarantee the health, sprouting, growth and duration in time of our plants to our clients. We offer three standard qualities : best quality, medium quality and average quality with their three relative cost categories.Our production includes : young plants in containers, large or medium size trees for urban and private use, ornamental plants, shrubs of different sizes for hedges and flower-beds as well as many varieties of roses.

From our research, we have come up with systems and products that have helped to evolve progress.
Plant-Plast is very useful in preparing root-balls for large plants.

Landscape Services
Inside the 80 Hct. of our Nurseries, it's possible to see and mark plants and shrubs of small, large and extra size.

Since more than 50 years our Landscape Bureau prepares and realizes project for Parks, Gardens and Restorations. For this reason we are in a position to give counsils and suggestions, to Architects and to People who works in this field, about botanical choice of the most suitable species and varieties for their projects. We speak English and French, and if you have a project to be realized in Italy we can put at your disposal English workers to collaborate with you.

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