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Plants and nurseries

Produced plants

The geographical position of Pistoia is particularly suitable for the quick growth of outdoor plants: the Apennines protects it from the cold winds from the north and at the same time is a source of abundant water. Pistoia is situated in a floodplain whose soil is unique: clay and loose at the same time, perfect for the root growth.

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All these things make possible the cultivation in our nurseries of a lot of species and kinds of plants ready to be planted in gardens at the seaside, in the plains or in the mountains.

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In the 5 production nurseries, situated in different areas of the Pistoia plain, we apply cultivation techniques suitable for each species: some plants are cultivated in the ground with the traditional nursery techniques, other ones are cultivated in container and in Airplant so that they are avai-lable very soon and ensure strong root systems.

"Masiano" Nursery
about 350.000 square meters (35 ha)
in Ponte alla Stella - Serravalle (Pistoia)
vivaio mati - masianovivaio mati - masianovivaio mati - masianovivaio mati - masiano

To make plants cultivated in the ground available to transplantation throughout the year, we apply the Plant-Plast technique. In this way the root ball is protected stimulating the production of capillary roots: this is an additional guarantee we offer to our customers.

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