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Index of contents

Mati trees



Hedges and Screens

Shrubs and Bushes




Suitable for gardens situated in cold areas or in the mountains as well as for mediterranean places, the Tuscan landscape, and to screen buildings, conifers, loved and hated, are very versatile plants.

Firs, Cedars and Redwoods, Pines, “Tuscan” cypresses, “Leylandii” cypresses for hedges and barriers, free-poised or shaped yews for hedges or topiary.

Potted conifers

A wide range of plants m 1 to m 5 high grown in container. These plants are ready for any kind of works throughout the year.

Some examples
All pictures were taken in the Mati nurseries
conifere piante mati conifere piante mati conifere piante mati conifere piante mati

Exemplar plants in root ball, washtub and Plant-Plast®

A selection of adult plants having got over the years constant cares and explants to guarantee quality and safety of transplantation. They are suitable to create spectacular effects in any garden, for restorations, expansions and integrations in parks and gardens.

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