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Mati trees



Hedges and Screens

Shrubs and Bushes



Shrubs and Bushes

They can be easily planted, bring colour, screen, scent and cheerfulness to gardens and more complex landscape works. They are useful to consolidate scarps, create textures and geometrical drawings or natural patches, adorn flowerbeds and solve problems even by the sea. In our nurseries you will find a great production of shrubs: for hedges, formal gardens, with colorful foliage, with an erect bearing, flowering, creeping or ground cover plants. Hollies, Laurels, Boxwoods, Camellias, Arbutus unedo, Cornels, Deutzias, Brooms, Holly oaks, Hydrangeas, Spiraeas, Viburnums and many other plants.

Shrubs in container

A selection of natural and ornamental plants m 0,40 to 1,25 high are avai-lable. These plants are needful for all the natural/landscape interventions for which quality and guarantees are demanded. We have available box-woods to create or restore Italian-style gardens, a collection of ground co-ver shrubs to solve problems with the maintenance of borders and flower-beds (even traffic island) or to create particular chromatic effects in the gardens and a great choice of flowering, fruit shrubs and berries to adorn and customize landscape works. You can also find larger plants with heights varying between m 1 and m 5, suitable to carry out large hedges and pro-tective barriers or for any kind of landscaping throughout the year.

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